Scally’s Sea School

This year Ross Brady, known as Sailing Scallywag, helped a family follow their dreams to set sail in search of adventure. I met Paul whilst teaching him for his Day Skipper course. Little did I know that this would lead to me to getting to know his whole family, plus Sonas their boat. Having taken […]

Boat Buying From Afar

Ross Brady, also known as Sailing Scallywag, has a successful career in boat delivery, tuition and charters, and when it came to buying his own sailing boat it was a case of love at first videocall. As summer 2021 came to an end I began to consider 2022 and the various opportunities and possibilities that […]

Sea Fit & Ship Shape!

Sailing and the ocean bring it with so many opportunities, but when at sea for more than a few days how does one keep fit? Also this then begs the question how do you get Sea Fit? Being strong in your body always starts with the mind, you have to want to get fit rather […]


As an ex-Marine I often reflect on what was it that kept me going throughout my time in the military. I keep returning to the same thing, friendship. Life takes you to many places both in your heart and your head but also physically too. Along the way you meet a variety of souls, some […]

Marine to Mariner

A dusty and desolate landscape revealed itself when I first landed in Afghanistan two days after my 21st birthday, what lay ahead was to shape my future forever. Having had the tattoo on my hand removed I had the okay at 18 to join the Marines, a dream come true. It has been what the […]

Winging It

Summer 2021 Navigating our way through this Pandemic has been tricky for everyone. It has affected the Sailing industry hugely, but as ever human endeavour always brings positives from a crisis. For me, Ross Brady, it led me to pursue my dreams. Having finished a wonderful Season working in Greece, I was excited about the […]